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Lelo Open Secrets Kit

Lelo Luxury Pleasure Kit

The Lelo Open Secrets luxury couples set is a kit of romance, seduction and passion. Released as a Valentine’s Day special, it proved so popular that they decided to keep it and when you look at it, you might think Valentine’s Day but it’s simply so much more than that. This beautiful and sensual gift box has something in it for all couples and everyone in it. Let’s begin this passionate exploration through a review of the contents of the Open Secrets Kit. The kit contains several things, and is actually a little bigger than some of the other Lelo pleasure kits; it contains an Intima Silk Blindfold, Sutra Chain Link Cuffs, a Mia 2 Clitoral massager and the accompanying accessories, and 12 aromatic rose petals for sensual bath pleasure. All of which come in a striking red colour that screams passion, romance and lust.

Lelo Open Secrets Couples Gift Set

Lelo Intima Blindfold

The Intima Blindfold is one of the most sensual accessories that Lelo has to offer. On the inside part of the blindfold it has a patterned silk and suede texture that designed to provide a sensory sensation from it sliding across your skin. Unlike other blindfolds which are awkward to put on and don’t have the romantic aesthetic to it, the Intima blindfold is different. The experience of putting it on, lovingly tying together the silk ties on the end to keep it on is an experience all of itself. Lelo prides itself on thinking outside the box, and the Intima blindfold is not only an experience to wear, but also is aesthetically arousing to put on as well. It does have an elastic back like other blindfolds, but the experience lies in tying the silk tails together to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for any lover.


Lelo Sutra Chain Link Cuffs

The Sutra Chain link cuffs are the perfect accessory to go with the Blindfold. Sensory deprivation, and the removal of sight, goes exceptionally well with the blindfolds to delight your partner. The patterned suede and silk wrist cuffs will gently caress your partner, and straight away you will notice that these cuffs are built for comfort and pleasure. For some people they might even be large enough for ankles, though it should be noted that these cuffs are primarily geared as sensual wrist cuffs. They’re simple and easy to use, just attach the hooks onto the D ring of each of the cuffs and connect them up for some sexy restraining play. Combine this with your Intima blindfold and your partner isn’t going to know what’s happening – doesn’t that sound delicious?

Before we move on to the Mia 2 which perfectly suits the Sutra cuffs and Intima blindfold, lets take a moment to explore the aromatic rose petals. In this gift pack, in their own seductive black box, you’re going to find lifelike rose petals that smell like the real thing as well. Taking a bath with the rose petals is simply heavenly and relaxing, you’ll find that the scent isn’t overpowering. Add the bubbles from your favourite bubble bath gel and jump on in with the partner – add a glass of wine and some strawberries and enjoy the relaxing of the water together.

Let’s lead with the idea that the Mia 2 is waterproof when the cap is screwed on to a depth of one meter. So the Mia 2 is the perfect accessory to use in the bath with the rose petals. I’m not recommending that you add the cuffs in the bath, though once you are finished in the bath and using the Mia 2 for incredible foreplay, you could apply the cuffs and then gently lead them to the bedroom. The Mia 2 is a powerful bullet vibrator that can be used anywhere externally and is especially geared for the clitoris, nipples, the frenulum and any external erogenous zone that you can think of. It comes in a special edition striking red and it is a small and discrete personal massager. It will fit in a purse or even in one’s side pocket with ease – meaning that if you’re travelling it’s the perfect pleasure toy to bring along. It fits neatly in the palm of a hand, and it has a two button control that is incredibly easy to use. It has a variable continual vibration pattern and then 5 other patterns to choose from. For some reason, you cannot pick the speed of the patterns, and they are preset. However, you can easily turn up and down the continuous pattern for variation. The Mia 2 is a discreet massager which looks like a USB, and it will charge in any USB port such as a computer or the USB port that you use to charge your phone or other electronic devices. It’s made from an ABS plastic which is silky smooth and glides sensually over the skin with ease.

This is a perfectly intuitive kit with all the parts of the kit working together and complementing each other with ease. It’s an amazing kit for couples and will suit special occasions such as anniversaries or simply as a declaration of your love for your partner.

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Lelo Open Secrets Kit is a pleasure kit in which you can lose control with your loved one and let the most daring of desires take over. Combining the luxurious Intima silk and suede blindfold with the Sutra Cufflinks, the massaging bullet of Mia 2 and the sensual bath rose petals this is the couple’s kit to show some passion and fire.