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Why should women get all the fun? Sex positive Lelo has released an incredibly strong male prostate vibrator called the Loki and also released an edition of the Loki featuring their amazing wave motion technology. This article will review both of the toys concurrently.

Although some have argued about the names that Lelo have given their male products such as Pino, Loki, Tor, Oden, and whether they’re appropriate given the sensual names that women get, I don’t necessarily have an issue with the name Loki. It’s cheeky, a Norse god, and it invokes sensations of power and control. Once you turn on the Loki, you’ll quickly understand why they’ve given it this name. Considering previous Lelo toys which include the Billy, and the Bob how does Loki compare?

Lel Loki Prostate Massager

When you first consider the idea of Luxury adult products, Lelo is usually one of the first companies that spring to mind – they’re a company that consistently produces top quality toys. Sure, there has been a few of Lelo products which haven’t met or exceeded the expectations, but they are a company that’s continually striving for perfection and they will revisit toys that didn’t quite meet the standard and redo them.

The Loki is no exception when it comes to the toy quality. Everything about it screams luxury, pleasure and exquisiteness. The Loki has been presented in a faux crocodile skin box and for the first time, it actually has a clear skin panel so that you can directly see the toy in all of its astounding beauty.

I found myself staring at this beauty when it first arrived and all eagerness to open it seemingly vanished. I really just wanted to bask in its presence, enjoy its beauty and stare at it. After a few seconds, I shook myself out of it and eagerly opened up the box to where it is sitting on a form fitting foam bed. Underneath this is all the additions that usually come with a Lelo product including the user manual, the charger, the warranty card and information as well as a sachet of their personal lubricant. It’s all incredibly stylish and inviting.

Like other Lelo products it’s been finished with their patented and unique silicone which is smooth, velvety and if you squeeze it firmly you can feel the slight give that it has in it. It doesn’t bend though like rubber or pure silicone toys, the Loki is a firm shafted toy that I could instantly tell was going to provide amazing, firm, and pin pointed pressure to my prostate. In first appearances the Loki seems quite large. It as an insertable length of 4.5 inches and the circumference at its widest point is 4.5 inches. Whilst they’ve tried to make it accessible to everyone, people that struggle with anal insertion will have a difficult time with this one, no matter how much lubricant that they use.  It has a tapered tip to ease insertion, and then a bulbous middle section before slimming down to a much thinner stem before the stopper. Loki has been designed to be inserted, and then held there for intense prostate stimulation. Some people might enjoy the sensation of thrusting it in and out, but the primary function of the Loki is just to sit there, relax and enjoy it.

I put it one charge, regrettably letting go of my new love, and let it charge for about 60 minutes. Lelo says that a 60 minute charge should last about 2 hours worth of play time, this increase in battery power is a step up and an upgrade from previous Lelo toys which required much longer charging times. Once it was charged, I grabbed it, settled in on the bed and was ready to go. Sure, it looked amazing, when touching it it felt amazing, but how was it going to feel once it was inserted?


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If you’ve used the Billy and were disappointed, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the ferocity of the Loki. I turned it on, felt it in my hands and nearly dropped it. It rumbled with deep throbbing pleasure. I was thoroughly impressed with the incredible upgrade in power. It’s not as powerful as something like the L’Amourose Rosa, but it was certainly getting up there in power.

The slightly thicker shaft of the Loki might require a little bit of a wriggle, and lots of lubricant, to get in, but once it’s in it fits very comfortably. It has just the right amount of curve to hit the prostate, though I did have to angle it upwards from where I was laying on the bed so that it hit just the right spot. It was a very comfortable vibrator and very quickly I was adjusting the speed all the way to the top to feel the deep rumbly sensations. It was slightly annoying that when I let it go, the intensity of the vibrator would cause it to rotate inside and spin around off the right spot, but I was impressed enough by the power to not mind this too much. I cycled through the various settings, but the other settings for men personally were far too much of a tease and I just wanted the hard grunt of power. So after switching it back to the continuous vibration I settled in and slowly grinded my hips to alternate the massager back and forth on the prostate. It was simply, amazing.

It’s been a substantial amount of time since Lelo has had the opportunity to release some quality male sex toys, and whilst I am dismayed at the length of time that it has taken to reach this stage, it’s been worth the wait.

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The Lelo Loki is a premium gentleman’s massager that stimulates the prostate. It marks Lelo’s first attempt for the male massagers in several years, and it is a considerable upgrade over previous luxury sex toys for men. It incorporates impressive power, ergonomically designed for pinpoint accuracy and pressure on the prostate. The Loki is every bit its name as it implies – cheeky, powerful and a whole lot of fun and pleasure.