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The Lelo Ora 2 is a new and improved vibrator designed especially for woman with oral sex satisfaction on their mind. This is an upgraded vibrator from the Lelo Ora with some bigger changes to amplify the pleasure to new heights. This is an oral sex stimulator as well as a clitoral vibrator so it’s capable of giving users an all-around sensational experience that meets everyone’s unique desires. The Ora 2 is simply, a work of artistic pleasure and design.

The Lelo Ora 2 is designed to mimic the swivel of a tongue with varying pressures and diverse effects. The device is equipped with a small, rotating nub around the flat part of the base which is placed against the clitoris. The nub is bigger than in the previous Lelo Ora version, and this allows for better stimulation of the entire clitoral area as well as reaching those hard to reach places. Additionally, the nub is changeable to 10 different settings, so that users can intensify their experience when they wish and slow it back down in waves.

The Lelo Ora 2 is guaranteed to give users a more ‘live’ experience as well. The device utilizes an important ‘SenseTouch’ technology, which means that if users increase the pressure they are applying, the vibrator will increase its pressure too. The vibrator does a good job of taking as much work off the user as it can by feeling you out and responding to your movements, this intuitive technology is why this toy has won several prestigious awards including the Canne’s Lions award. If you prefer the rotating nub instead of vibrations, then you can choose to use one at a time. The Lelo Ora 2 is therefore accommodating to your mood and desires. However you find the most satisfaction, you will be able to change settings with Lelo Ora 2 and blast yourself into the feeling you aimed for.

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The ten different settings users are capable of with the Lelo Ora 2 range from the movement of the nub to the patterns and pulses released by the nub. It’s really a fun device to play around with and figure out what you like most. For example, if you get the best feeling with the nub rotating around the clitoris in circles, you’ve got that option. And if you’re more into an up and down motion of a pulsing radiation or waves, or super-fast, or much more light and slow; well, with the Lelo Ora 2 you can try it all. Something to be said about the Lelo Ora 2 is that it is a great product for users who can orgasm easily on lighter settings. Those who need a little more focused pressure will benefit from higher settings in the motion of their choice.


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As for safety and the device’s build, the Lelo Ora 2 is constructed with 100% safe silicone. It’s not harmful to the body and it’s very easily washed. The sound is very light as well, so you can use it in the same house as somebody else with the door closed and experience no problems with being caught out. The device is also USB chargeable so your chances of being able the use it wherever you go are increased as well. It also is secured with a 1 year warranty and lifetime guarantee so that you know the Lelo Ora 2 is quality assured.

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Surrender to the most exciting oral pleasure imaginable, with an upgraded version of LELO’s multi award-winning oral sex simulator. Now a larger rotating nub sits beneath its smooth silicone skin, promising long seductive swirls and intense pulsations on and around the clitoris. This outstanding design is also USB-rechargeable and offers the option of applying SenseTouch™ technology through its 10 stimulation modes, where vibrations activate on contact with the skin.

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