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Lelo Indulge Me Gift Set

Lelo Indulge Me Gift Set

Lelo’s premium Indulge me Luxurious toy set is for sophistication and pleasure. If you’re looking for a night of pleasure, experimentation and the fulfilment of desire, then you need to consider this set. This review will go through the Indulge me set with a close examination of each item, as well as how they can be used together for tantalising fun and pleasure.

Like Lelo’s other pleasure sets, the Indulge Me pack has three of Lelo’s premium items inside. The first of which is the Lelo Noa – a rechargeable medical grade silicone couples massager with 6 unique modes. If you’ve grown a little bored of your standard routine in the bedroom – then it might be time to consider something like the Lelo Noa and this gift set. Now don’t get us wrong here, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tried and true methods of sexual stimulation, however sometimes you and your partner just need a little bit more of a buzz and spice than usual. It’s healthy to explore new variations, new toys and things as even the strongest of orgasms can be a little dulled over time if they are seemingly repetitive. That’s where the Lelo Noa comes in – this brilliant little device is the star of the Indulge Me back and it is one of Lelo’s star performers as a couple’s massager.  The Lelo Noa is a pleasure vibe that you can introduce into the bedroom for sensual hands-free stimulation and it will deliver sensations for both partners during sexual activity.

The Lelo Noa is a vibrator that is worn during sexual activity and it will provide hands free stimulation to the clitoris and to the g-spot at the same time. It can do this through the U shape design which the larger arm sitting on the outside and the small inner arm on the inside. Don’t worry about breaking this toy, the internal arm is made of very soft silicone is super flexible and can be easily manipulated into different shapes. The inner arm has an insertable length of 3.31 inches and it is designed to curve upwards towards the g spot. It is made of Lelo’s signature soft velvety silicone and this goes perfectly when used in conjunction with a male. The silicone arm will caress the shaft with each thrust and vibrate gently on him for sensual couple’s pleasure. We say him, however we will note that the Noa can also be used for lesbian couples, or couples that prefer non penetrative sex as the Noa will happily accommodate being used with a strap on, a dildo, or for those that just want to lay back and switch off with the enjoyment of hands free pleasure.


Hands Free Pleasure From The Noa

The only thing that we will point out is that although the silicone arm is a soft and supple silicone, you will need to lubricate the arm when it is being used for penetrative play so that the shaft of the penis or the toy that you’re using doesn’t catch on the side of the noa and accidentally pop it out.

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator

The Lelo Noa is a waterproof design and rechargeable via a USB port. It has multiple speeds and functions which can be controlled by the button on the device, or can be blue toothed with a compatible Lelo remote. It should be noted that changing the settings on this device whilst it is being worn can be a little cumbersome especially if you have lubricated fingers.

The second part of this set contains the Lelo Tantra Feather Teaser. The Tantra feather teaser is made from a weighted acrylic handle, with stainless steel details, and soft sensual feathers. Like the Noa it comes in a beautiful royal purple colour. That is just the epitome of class and culture. There are few things more sensual than this delightfully soft feather tickler with a length of 200mm.

The final part of the Lelo Indulge me set, which also comes in signature purple, is the Intima silk blindfold. This silk with suede detailing blindfold is perfect for sensory deprivation and will sensually tantalise even the most stoic of people, especially when you combine it with the Tantra Feather teaser.

The Lelo Indulge Me set is a beautiful partnership of sensual products that can used for foreplay, during intimacy and everything in between. Set your sensory delights to maximum and prepare yourself for romance.

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Lelo Indulge Me Gift Set

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The Lelo Indulge Me Luxury Gift pack is geared for couples seeking sensual pleasures. Featuring Lelo’s Purple Noa Couples Massager that can be worn during intimacy as well as Lelo’s Tantra Feather tickler and teaser. Finishing off the set with some delectable sensory deprivation is the Silk and Suede Intima Blindfold. Combine all three in a single session for sensory overload.