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Lelo Heaven Scent Pleasure Set

Lelo And The Power Of Scent During Arousal

The Lelo heaven Scent pleasure package is all about the power of smell. This delightful package includes a scented Lily Clitoral massager, a Lelo scented candle and their beautifully packaged personal moisturiser.

Lelo released the revamped Lily with scented material as part of their first adventure into scented vibrators. It fits within the ethos of the development of products that facilitate expression and the exploration of pleasure as well as the aspects of sensuality and passion which are commonly featured as part of Lelos Marketing campaigns. In a blog post Lelo described the Lily as a product which are the epitome of sleekness and sophistication and they created the scent pack for a specific reason. This reason lies within the power of smell. Lelo argues that the smell is one that is most closely linked to memories and the faintest whiff of a specific smell is enough to trigger a wave of long lost emotions and feelings. The power of smell, therefore is important within passion and lust. The Lelo heaven scent is one that is shrouded within the aphrodisiac qualities of Bordeaux and chocolate and the scent is carried through both the Lily 2 and the scented candle. The inclusion of such a scent is to elevate the mood before, during and after sex.

Lelo Heaven Scent Kit

Scented Lelo Lily 2 Massager

The theme on the Heaven Scent package is decidedly French through the Red Wine and Chocolat scent and it’s one that evokes feelings of luxury, sensuality and intimacy. It’s not an overpowering scent, and indeed unless it’s close to your nose or has warmed up through continuous use you’re probably not going to notice it that much – it’s certainly not something that can make or break the toy and it has been mostly used for novelty purposes. Lelo does make the claim that the scents they have used have aphrodisiac qualities, but this is largely unproven in the medical field. They are however, beautiful scents and they can certainly create a mood. Just don’t expect anyone to become instantly aroused by the scent in the moment.

The Lily 2 is Lelo’s personal clitoral massager and it has been designed to fit snugly into the hand and use the hand as a massager. It sensual and ergonomic curve is perfectly suited to stimulate the labia, and the clitoris as well as any external erogenous zone. It’s a small vibrator with a lot to offer as it can easily hug the vulva as well as being perfectly poised for clitoral stimulation, and a body massager. Despite being made of an ABS plastic, the Lily has a delicate velvet coating that has been applied to it, which makes it a little easier to grip and hold on to. It’s completely body safe, waterproof and will also come with a small storage back, and a warranty card. It’s rechargeable via USB and a full two hour charge will get you around four hours’ worth of play. It’s impressively stronger than previous designs and has a deep satisfying rumbling sensation. It’s not the strongest of clitoral vibrators out there, so if you’re looking for intense stimulation then maybe this is not the right one for you.

The pack also includes a delightfully scented candle that you can use during your romantic liaisons. Use it in the bathtub for some romantic loving, or have it burning on the bedside table. Remembering that the Lily 2 is waterproof so you can use it and the candle wherever your heart desires. Remember to trim the wick before burning the candle so that the flame doesn’t get too high and burn through your candle too quickly. You’ll need to trim it at about 1/8 of an inch which is about 3mm to perfectly burn your candle. By keeping the wick trimmed what you’ll be doing is limiting the amount of fuel that the flame has and it is the perfect level of burning a candle which will prevent a soot smell and perfectly release the scent.

The last thing that has been included in this package is the Lelo personal moisturiser. Coming in a delightful bottle that doesn’t scream sex lubricant, this personal moisturiser is perfect for use with Lelo toys, as well as any form of sexual activity in which you might need lubricant for. Its paraben and Glycerin free so people with sensitivities can easily use this lubricant.

The heaven scent pack is perfect for individuals that value the power of smell and the qualities that scent can provide to sexual enjoyment.

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The Heaven Scent pack is a delightful Lelo package that specialises in the power of scent. Combining a Bordeaux and chocolate candle with a scented Lily of the same fragrance it’s designed to invoke feelings of sensuality, arousal and lust. Finishing in with Lelo’s signature moisturiser and you have yourself a package scent from heaven.