Lelo Ida And Remote Control Passion

The demand for couples’ intimacy tools has been on the rise, as many couples work hard to give each other as much pleasure as they can. Many couples have realized that using a vibrator does not necessarily have to mean that a man is unable to give pleasure to his woman, and that in fact, it only brings in more fun and intimacy. That is why Lelo Ida couples’ vibrator isa great choice for all couples seeking to enjoy and enrich their sex lives.

Lelo Ida is the world’s first rotating and vibrating massager for couples. Enjoy your sex life without playing down on your ego with the new Lelo Ida Vibrator. Like the previous version of SenseMotion toys, Lelo Ida features a unique remote controlled motion, with an easy-touch remote control to help you adjust the vibrations when making love and on the fly. You don’t have to keep up with the vibrations, just let the vibrator keep up with you. Its motor is 50% greater than its predecessor, in order to achieve optimum sensation when making love. The toy is not only 100% waterproof, but it also comes with a fully rechargeable battery. Made of FDA approved body silicone, the vibrator is sure to give both the man and the woman pleasure without causing any discomfort or allergies to the skin.


Unique Features Of The Lelo Ida

Remote controls with sense motion technology, up to 8 simulations modern for pleasure. It comes with 50% more power than the original designs, to ensure that it lasts longer and does not go off suddenly when making love. You can enjoy this device for up to two hours without worrying about the battery. Internal vibrations that target the G-spot have been designed to provide deep pleasure, with intense external vibrations that target the clitoris and the area around it to ensure maximum pleasure all around the, and to help you climax with ease.

Lelo Ida Vibrator

It comes with an additional closed vibrator attachment, which not only helps to the give the woman more pleasure but also helps to give the male more stamina. The vibrator itself is fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry that you might damage it when making love. To use this couples device, all you have to do is plug into a socket and have it recharged every after you make love.

The Lelo Ida vibrator is made of 100% safe Silicone that has been approved by the FDA as safe for the human body. There should be no worries about allergies or discomfort.  It also comes with 1 year warrant and 10 year quality guarantee. Lelo Ida is a refreshing break from all the other Sense Motions products, and it is a surefire way to enhance the pleasure of lovemaking.

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The New couple’s massager Ida has a beautiful rounded top which has a powerful vibrator for external use and then there is a longer thinner silicone shaft that is meant to be inserted into the vagina. It will target the G-spot on the female with vibrations and rotations but best of all it can be worn whilst having sex so your lover can share in the experience. It has the patented and trademarked sensemotion which means you can control the action using the hand held controller or you can explore unknown realms as the smart vibrator will change the modes automatically.

Lelo Ida Remote Control Vibrator

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