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L’Amourose Denia Massager

Sexperts Review The L’Amourose Denia Massager

L’Amourose is a newcomer to the premium toy section, but boy is it making a statement. Since they’ve come out and I was sent my first L’Amourose to review I’ve made it a mission to accumulate all of the massagers in the range. Either through reviewing them, or purchasing them with hard earned dollars. So far, I’ve never been disappointed with any of the toys and I’ve been enjoying everything the company has to offer so far.

Denia Dual Stimulation massager

Today we’re going to review the L’Amourose Denia massager and I’m going to admit that I’ve been quite excited to get my hands on this little number. I love rabbit style vibrators, but I’ve always found them to be big and bulky and simply a pain to move around. I have been intrigued by the design of the Denia ever since I saw it and finally it came time to knock it off my wish list and get it.

The Importance Of Luxury Adult Toy Packaging

I’m not going to go too in-depth with the packaging except suffice to say it’s simply amazing. The Black Diamonds design team have done an incredible job and from the second that you lay your eyes on the box, you know that it contains a luxury adult toy. I’ve always found that opening up an L’Amourose toy is a sensual experience in of itself, and my partner has discovered that he should not open the toys before I get a chance to – even if he’s seductively put it out and implying that we should use it that night.

As you’d expect from a toy at this price point the quality of the Denia and the materials used are second to none. The silicone is seamless, it’s silky smooth to the touch and the diamond faceted base is just a sight to behold. A delicate combination of ABS plastic and medical grade silicone ensures that this toy is medically sound and isn’t going to cause any irritation with toxic chemicals. Completely, and utterly body safe the Denia won’t retain bacteria and will simply require a clean with warm soapy water before being dried off. Just remember, and I’m sure that you’re tired of hearing this, as with all silicone adult toys, you need to ensure that you only use a water based lubricant lest you damage the silicone. This is one toy that you never want to see damaged, as it would be a true disaster.

Like many other reviewers, when I noticed that this toy had a flex and shift technology, I was exceptionally eager to see what it meant. It sounded fancy, it sounded innovative and it sounded like it was going to be something new and fun. It’s not. It’s just L’Amourose’s way of saying that the clitoral arm and the internal arm aren’t rigid like other adult toys, and that they will move and flex to create the perfect contouring that matches your body shape. Talk about selling it though, and I’ll certainly give them that. Labelling flexibility as flex and shift technology is something to admire.

Innovative Features Offered By L’Amourose Adult Massagers

The charging base is very similar to other L’Amourose toys. There is a diamond faceted black base cradle which holds the toy in place and upright. Simply connect the two magnetic points to the points on the cradle, plug it in and wait for the lights on the side to stop flashing. Once that has happened, you’re good to go. With respect to size, and functionality, the Denia is actually incredibly similar to the Rosa. Indeed, when I put the two together the only discernible difference that I could find was the fact that the Denia had the additional clitoral arm to provide extra stimulation. The small clitoral arm sits roughly about two inches up from the base meaning that you still have a slight handle to grip when inserting and removing the toy. The Denia has 12 different stimulation speeds and 9 different modes.

The Denia is a dual vibrator that provides stimulation to both the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. It’s essentially a rabbit style vibrator and is perfect for inducing blended orgasms. There are three buttons that are situated on the side of the Denia, and like other L’Amourose vibrators they can be a little difficult to manipulate during use. Barring this small design flaw, I found that the Denia was a remarkable vibrator. Sure, the buttons take a little getting used to as to which one does which and at what point to press them, but you’ll easily forgive that once you turn it on. The three button console is relatively simple, a plus button to increase intensity, a minus button to lower the intensity, and the middle button which changes the pattern. It comes with a lock function to begin with, which I didn’t realise and thought that my toy was defective at first so be sure to read the manual whilst its charging to ensure that there’s no surprises.

Innovative Flex And Shift Technology

What I loved about the Denia, is the flex and shift ‘technology’ the flexibility in both the shaft and the clitoral arm I simply loved, and whilst I found other rabbit style vibrators difficult to use, and not quite hitting the spot, once the Denia was lubed up, inserted and I wriggled around a little I could feel that it was in the right spot. Taking a deep breath, I turned it on.

Boom. The motors you’ll quickly discover are quite powerful. Deep, rumbly they massaged me quite strongly and I hadn’t even turned the toy up full blast yet! I laid there enjoying the sensation for a little while, before switching up the power which had me grasping for the side of the bed. The dual stimulation was simply amazing, and whilst I understand that everyone is positioned differently and not all rabbits work for individual people, I found that the Denia was suitably hitting the right spots. Playing through the settings, I settled on one of the pulses, turned it down from the highest setting, and relaxed there enjoying the sensations as it brought me ever so slowly to climax. With a giant sigh, I cleaned it, put it back on charge and looked wistfully at it wanting more. This time however, I was going to wait for my partner.

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Why Sexperts Review The L’Amourose Denia Dual Stimulation Massager

The L’Amourose Denia is a rabbit style vibrator with dual stimulation. Powerful motors in the clitoral arm, and internal arm have the capability to deliver intense blended orgasms. Medical grade silicone, on a rechargeable base the Denia is completely waterproof. 12 Speeds, with 9 different patterns and the Denia is going to keep you on your toes for many long nights ahead…