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Lelo Lily 2

Lelo Handheld Massager

Swedish powerhouse Lelo has done it again. With the overhauling of their older products, they have released a newer and improved version of the Lelo Lily. The Lelo Lily is a small, smooth, and almost comma shaped design which has been intended as a vibrating massager that rests in the hand for sensual vibrations and play.

With the upgrade the massager has not only received a motor upgrade, but is now also scented. It comes in three different colours and scents which sees Dark Purple as having a wine and chocolate scent, a light purple for a lavender and honey scent and a pink with a floral rose and wisteria scent a perfect blending of artistic elements and functionality. The Lily 2 is definitely for someone that adores alternate art and lifestyles.

Lelo Lily 2 Handheld Massager

The scents might have been a bit of a miss in part for Lelo, since they seem to be more generally considered a novelty thing than serving an actual purpose. Lelo has marketed the scent as being a powerful aphrodisiac which enhances couples and erotic stimulation and indeed, whilst all of the scents have been categorised as being aphrodisiacs in the past, there’s actually very little credible scientific evidence that backs this up. Besides, aphrodisiacs are more commonly meant to be eaten with pheromones being linked to smell and causing physiological changes in the body.

Still, it’s important to note that the placebo affect can be a powerful thing and there’s certainly no harm in allowing smells into the bedroom for mood setting and enhanced pleasure. However, we found that when testing it the smell was actually quite faint and unless it was right under your nose then in all probability you’re not going to actually notice it.

More to the specs now. Lily has a sensational 8 different modes of vibration and patterns, so for those that are a little fussy you’ll definitely find that there’s options for everyone here. There’s a range of speeds, and patterns that’s going to suit even the fussiest of people.

The lily is an incredibly petite design. It comes in at 2 ounces (60 grams) and is just shy of being three inches long. It’s small enough, and easy enough to be cradled in the palm of your hand during use. The shape resembles the shape of half an egg with a more broad body and a slightly rounded tip. Either parts of this can be used for stimulation which means that there’s lots of versatility that can be used.


Features Of The Lelo Lily

Since Lily is so small and engineered to fit precisely in the palm of your hand for a very personal application of her gifts to the precise area you want her. Lily comes with an attractive satin bag for storage and a gift card for you to sign if you have a friend lucky enough to receive a gift like this from you.

The Lily can be fully charged after 2 hours of continuous charge and this is indicated through lights around the two controller buttons. Once the vibrator has been fully charged, the lights will no longer pulse and will remain on continuously until being taken off the charge.

It’s a very simple two button design, however it should be noted that the buttons are quite small and they can be difficult to use during play. If you have a preset setting in mind, that makes this toy much easier to use, however if you’re going to be using it more on the fly then you might run into some difficulty. That being said, it doesn’t detract from the amazingness that is this toy. The 8 different functions are:

  1. Continuous vibe, with at least 10 different speeds
  2. Quick steady vibe
  3. Super fast steady vibe
  4. Quick revving
  5. Quick pulsations
  6. Quicker pulsations
  7. Move from slow, mild vibe to quick, strong vibe and back
  8. Quick pulsation that seems to work its way up from middle of toy to tip

The Lelo Lily has a sleek velvety silicone coating and is also completely waterproof. Take care to only use water based lubricants with this one if and when necessary. Lelo Lily combines style and power in one convenient palm held vibration device. The Lily fits easily into the palm of your hand so that you can personalize your lover’s massage experience. This vibrator delivers delightful pulses wherever your hand is. So whether she is holding it while stroking you, or you are holding it in an attempt to locate her G-spot, the Lily will be the little vibrator that could. The Lily is fully rechargeable, which means you won’t be scrambling for batteries at any stage.

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Lelo Lily 2 Adult Massager

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The Lelo Lily is a sensual palm held massaging vibrator. Ergonomically designed, it will slide over any contour of the body and deliver wave after wave of intimate pleasure. A sleek silicone finish, and simple two button control, the Lelo Lily is for simple external pleasures.