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L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Massager

The L’Amourose Rogue Heating Vibrator

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Massager is one of the best toys on the market to date. There’s not very many reviews that say too many negative things about the Rosa Rouge, so we’ll begin this review by getting the negative stuff out of the way first. That being, the buttons are in an awkward spot and the base/handle/resting thing of the actual toy is a little hard to handle at times. Forgiving this and working around it you’ll find that the Rosa is one of the most brilliant, beautiful, innovative, massagers on the market. Oh, and did we mention that it is also self-heating? Let’s begin this review so that I can go back to enjoying intimate moments with my new, favourite massager.

Lamourose Rosa Rogue G-spot vibe

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge has been specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation. However, owing to the versatility of the ergonomic design it is completely capable to be used as either a clitoral massager as well as a prostate massager. Indeed, a quick look around will reveal that there have been several reviews by men that have used this as a prostate massager to great effect. The base/handle on the bottom perfectly acts as a stopper as well as allowing the Rosa to be inserted and provide stimulation completely hands free. The tip of the head is where all the magic happens. From the intense, rumbly, powerful vibration to the thermal regulation system which heats the head up to a comfortable 40-42 degrees Celsius which is just a few degrees above normal body temperature. You’re going to feel it, but not in a painful way. More like a sensual warmth blossoming through your genitals as the increased blood flow increases sensitivity and brings you to a welcoming climax like petals opening to the morning sun. Can you tell how much I love this luxurious massager?

French Inspired Luxury With L’Amourose

The colour is a beautiful, warm and pinkish red. The Rouge only comes in one colour, whereas the Rosa in the Non-warming variety comes in a couple of different colours. The surface of the Rosa Rouge is covered in a velvet silicone. It does have a little drag when dry, but once you lube it up, it will glide like a swan through the water. It’s a firm design, but not completely rigid, the insertable tip has a slight flex and shift to it so as it’ll accurately align itself with the g-spot. This is great as it was often a problem I found with the Lelo Gigi which was rigid and took a little more angling than some of my other vibes. The Rosa Rouge has a secondary motor at the base of the toy as well. The handle doubles as a vulva/perineum massager and the additional motor feels surprisingly wonderful. Sure, it’s not specifically angled for clitoral play but I found the less direct contact to be incredibly stimulating and would assist in a slow, yet intense, build up to orgasm. The secondary motor did make it a little more strenuous to hold and as such, I only turned it on when I was either sitting on the edge of a chair, slowly rocking back and forth, or when I was in a position where I didn’t need to be in constant contact with the toy to hold it in position.

It’s not a loud vibrator and so long as you have your own room you’re not going to be bothering anyone with the noise. To turn on the Rosa rouge you simply press the plus button located on the side of the base. The heating function will take between three to five minutes to fully heat up, and if you’re not feeling in the mood for additional heat that day, then you simply press and hold the middle squiggle button to turn off the heating function. From there it has standard controls, plus button to increase intensity, minus button to decrease intensity, and the squiggle button to change the pattern mode. As with all good quality luxury toys, the Rosa Rouge is completely waterproof and rechargeable and a  two hour charge will give you roughly three hours’ worth of play. Made from a base of ABS plastic, and a shaft coated in medical grade silicone not only is this toy completely body safe but it’s also super easy to clean. Everyday cleaning involves the use of warm soapy water (remember that it is waterproof) though if you’re using it anally or need it to be sterilised, then follow standard advice on sterilising silicone adult toys. You’ll also need to remember that you can only use water based lubricant on silicone products.

In keeping with the companies French inspired tradition the toy is functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Looking at the Rosa, holding it in your hands it makes sense, you can’t deny the beauty of the Rosa nor its distinctive look from the diamond faceted base, to the sensual curve for G-spot – the Rouge definitely owns it’s look and makes it its own.

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Why Sexperts Recommend The Rosa Rouge

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is a dual motor self-heating vibrator. Specifically aimed at the G-spot this luxurious vibrator is perfect for sensual stimulation, and has been ergonomically designed to hit all of the right spots. Enjoy the French difference today.