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L’Amourose Paramour Classique Set

The Classique Set – Luxury Toys For Couples

Gift sets are all the rage at the moment when it comes to luxury couples toy, so why should up and coming premium toy company L’Amourose be any different? The French toy company has created partnered pleasured sets that are a little different to other sets – here, you’ll find out how.

The Partner Pleasure set acts as four different toys in the same box and it has been marketed towards couples wanting to embrace intimate pleasures and sensuality between themselves and share intimate moments together. The centre piece of the Paramour Partner pleasure kit is the vibrating egg. The vibrating egg is the primary piece of the set, and it can be used independently or with the included remote control. The egg acts as an interchangeable vibrator that can be used between various sleeves within the set to create a new vibrator. Rather than having four toys with four different motors in them, each which have to be independently charged – the paramour pleasure set is different in the sense that it has one rechargeable and waterproof motor which is interchangeable among three different sleeves.

Paramous Classique Couples Set

The sleeves are all made of a 100% medical grade silicone which is bacteria resistant and hypoallergenic. The bullet, is made from an ABS plastic, with silicone button for independent control and as such is also completely body safe and bacteria resistant. The three sleeves that are included in this set are:

Mae- A cradle for the bullet which can then be inserted as a vibrating egg, or Kegel massager. The cradle has a retrieval cord for easy removal.

Clark- A Gentlemen’s ring sleeve which acts as a vibrating cock ring for enhanced erections, delayed orgasms and increased stimulation during intimate activity.

Lana- A partner specific cradle which can be worn solo, or during sex, to provide stimulation to both the g-spot and clitoris at the same time.


Improving Partner Pleasure With Kits.

Each of the sleeves has a small cradle in which the bullet sits to make it a single piece. The cradle will also have a small section which locks into the bullets charging station and makes it completely and utterly waterproof. The egg by itself is very simple to control – with its single button. Simply press and hold the button for a few second to turn the device on, and from that point you simply press the button with a small click to change the settings and cycle through the patterns. The egg itself in this way has 5 different pattern settings. The 12 different speeds however are seemingly only accessible when using the remote.

Before I go into the details of each of the sleeves, I want to spend some time with the remote. Normally, I wouldn’t bother dedicating time to the remote because at the end of the day it’s just a remote. The L’Amourose however, has a very unique and innovative remote which needs to be addressed for its brilliance. Some people might find themselves intimidated by the remote, but I actually found it an absolute pleasure to use and sure, it does take a little getting used to but with only three different buttons and a touch pad – you’ll learn it quickly.

First things first, the vibrating egg has a charging dock. The charging dock doubles as the remote control, which is a brilliant idea as this limits the amount of pieces that you have to account for every time that you put the toy away. Also, I have a lot of trouble with remotes, I lose them very easily and it’s just a pain in the ass, the fact that this remote also doubles as the charging dock means that I will probably never lose it, as after each use I will always charge up any toys so that I’m not left shorthanded next time I go to use them.

There are three buttons on the remote as well as the touch pad. There’s the power button which is pretty self-explanatory, there’s the squiggle button which goes through the different cycles of the remote control egg and then lastly the M button. Pressing and holding the M button will activate the memory mode, this means that you can utilise the very responsive touch pad to create your own custom settings and vibrations. It does take a little getting used to but it’s a lot more intuitive than other memory based vibrators out there and my partner and I did have some fun with this one for a little while, before I opted back out into the solid vibrations, as I generally find that I’m not really a fan of patterns and pulses and I really have to be in the mood for it.

The egg is not ground breaking in terms of its speed, and in comparison to other similar sized products out there, as well as some of the other products from this beautiful French company, it’s not earth shatteringly strong. However, unless you’re a diehard power queen, you’re really not going to notice the lack of strength.

The Lana is the French companies answer to the We-Vibe. Sleek, sensual and simple the vibrating motor sits on the clitoris and the arm rests on the vulva and sits internally on the g-spot. It’s soft, sensual and geared for partnered pleasure. What I loved about this was that there wasn’t a vibrating part which sits on the g-spot. My partner is very sensitive to vibrations and this provided a nice gentle and accommodating vibration which wasn’t over the top in terms of dual pleasure. It didn’t take over the intimacy, and it complemented nicely during sex. What I did find was that the vibrator, which sits perpendicular to the clit and horizontally (the edges of the vibrator pointing to each leg) was uncomfortable in certain positions. I am a larger woman, and I found that I had to adjust my positions every now and then to ensure a perfect fit. It didn’t cause anything more than a momentary adjustment, but it is something to keep in mind.


L’Amourose Gentlemen’s Ring – Clarke

The Clark is the gentlemen’s ring of the set. It is a tight and constricting ring which some people might be a little dubious about, but you can either wear it in front of the testicles and along the shaft, or behind the testicles and at the very base – depending on your partners length and size. The rumbly vibrations that the bullet provides is an excellent tool in turning your partner’s penis into a moving vibrator. Despite being a little worried, it worked quite well. I personally was not the greatest of fans but that is because I like continual vibrations along my body and I’m really not a fan of pulses and similar. However, my partner enjoyed it immensely, and it prolonged his orgasm and increased the intensity of his pleasure, and so for that reason id be more than happy to add it to our bags of tricks. When he held the motor up against my clitoris, I absolutely loved it, however as with all penetrative sex there needs to be some form of movement and or swaying and once he took the vibrator away, I was left wanting more. A feeling I’m not quite accustomed to.

The Mae is the simplest of the set. It’s a cradle which the bullet rests in and it is then inserted. The cradle has several inches of cord for easy retrieval and it is designed to be used as a Kegel massager or remote control vibrating egg for in and around the house. The deep and rumbly vibrations felt quite good when inserted and it forced my Kegels to work overtime resulting in some very sensational and powerful orgasms. I liked it, but it’s more something for foreplay, and solo time than anything else.

Any downsides? The price is a bit steep, but when you’re considering that the set actually comes with four different, and unique toys then you’ll realise that you’re getting your money’s worth. However, if you’re only looking at it for one or two pieces of the set, you might be more inclined to get one of the solo pieces of the L’Amourose collection.

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Why Sexperts Recommend The Paramour Classique Set

The L’Amourose Paramour Partner Set is a delightful collection of premium pleasure products with partnered pleasure in mind. Containing a Gentlemen’s Ring, a wearable couple’s vibrator and a remote control vibrating egg – the Paramour Partner set will fulfil the most intimate of fantasies between couples..