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Lelo Intent Gift Set For Her

Lelo Gift Package For Women’s Pleasure

The Lelo Intent gift set for her is the perfect ideal package for someone that is needing some help filling in their toybox. It’s a great place to start as it includes both the Lelo Rabbit in the form of the Ina 2, as well as a delightfully cute vibrating egg/bullet that is just begging to provide clitoral stimulation and stimulation to pretty much any erogenous zone that you can get your naughty little hands on to. The Ina 2 is a Rumbly vibrator that has a dual motor for both internal and clitoral stimulation. This is a three piece luxurious pleasure set that has been designed with a single purpose in mind – climax.

Lelo gift packs break away from the traditional Lelo packaging of the outside cardboard core, with the faux leather skin textured box on the inside. The lelo gift packs are simply amazing, and they can actually double up as your toy storage box at the same time – which we think is an absolutely amazing idea. However, it should be noted that whilst the storage box is fairly discreet, if you have prying eyes and fingers then you’re not going to be safe. Store it where little ones, and nosey ones aren’t going to find it. It’s a discreet box, that looks gorgeous and amazing, and trust me people like to see what’s in gorgeous and beautiful boxes and then your secret is going to be out and all hell is going to break loose. Okay, maybe that’s being slightly dramatic but the point is that it’s a beautiful box.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you open up the box is that each of the parts have been separated into their own compartments. Let’s begin this review by starting with the delightful Ina 2.

Lelo Ina 2 Vibrator

Lelo Ina 2 Review

The Ina 2 has had some sceptical reviews, mostly concerning the shape of it and when I first saw this luxury vibrator, I was sceptical too. It was a little smaller than I usually liked in a rabbit but it was kindly pointed out to me by my significant other that when you’re looking at a rabbit vibrator the girth and the length are generally not at the top of the list. The intent gift set for her features a purple Ina 2. It’s an amazing purple and I immediately fell in love with the colour. Made from a soft, sleek silicone it felt simply amazing in my hands as well. Sure, it doesn’t feel like real skin, but the velvet finish doesn’t have an ounce of drag to it when you compare it with other silicone variants and toys. I think the velvet feel is perfectly comfortable and completely drag free.

I recommend that you read the included instruction booklet on this toy before using it. It might sound tedious, and I assure you that it is completely tedious, but you’re going to be thankful for the learning experience. There were some things in the booklet that I had wished I had read before using the Ina 2, because it would have made my first experience with the toy a whole lot easier and far more comfortable. It seems like an overly thick book, but just remember that they print one book for the entire world so it does contain a variety of different languages in it which is a contributing factor to its thickness. Lube up the toy with the included lelo personal moisturiser and enjoy the fun. The Ina 2 has 8 delightful odes of vibration which I’ll break down here.

1. Continuous Vibration-

This is the first mode that the vibrator showcase and it’s pretty self-explanatory. They suggest that you start off strong when it comes to showing off the vibrations and this is definitely where they’ve started. The vibration is stead and intense and it has both of the vibrators continuously vibrating – this is a toy that really shines when it’s turned all the way up. Though, in this mode it is the loudest that it’s going to get. Which isn’t overly loud, but it’s not dead quiet.

2. Shaft only vibration

3. Clit Only Vibration

4. Alternating vibrations. This is where the clitoral arm will give a pulse and then turn off. Whilst the clitoral arm is off, the shaft will pulse and vice versa.

5. Both Ends pulsing at the same time

6. Escalating pulses – they’ll start off at a very low setting, and then over the course of several seconds will ramp up to intense pulses. The strength of the pulses are determined by the intensity setting that you have – so there’s a lot of variation with this setting.

7.  Escalating and alternating setting. This is a combination of both setting four and setting six. It’s actually quite fun but it does take getting used to.

8. Chaos – Whatever goes, will go.

In addition to the 8 patterns that Ina 2 has – there are five different intensity settings. So you could have Pattern two with intensity level 3 or whatever combination that you want to work with. This gives the Ina 2 a total combination of 40 different intensities and pattern combination. Charging the Ina 2 is a breeze and a 2 hour charge will give you more than two hours’ worth of play time, making this a very worthwhile ratio. The Ina 2 is geared towards solo play through its being of a rabbit variety and can’t be used effectively on guys – however it can be doubles as a couples toy. Whether it’s being used by your loved one, or whether you want to use the vibrations of the Ina 2 on your loved one as foreplay. Either way.


Fun with Dirty Talking – The Siri 2

The second toy within the Intent gift set for her. The second generation of Lelo Siri, has a number of upgrades over the previous model. These are; the inclusion of a 100% more powerful motor, a waterproof design for intimate shower and bath times, as well as a unique setting on the Siri 2 which makes the vibrator respond to ambient sounds which include music, dirty talking and everything in between.

The Siri 2 has a classic design that has been perfectly, and ergonomically designed, to be held with ease in the hand. The four button control interface is remarkably simple to understand and operate with two buttons that turn up and down the intensity, and the other two buttons that will move up and down in the patterns and functions. The tip has been made with Lelo’s patented and silky smooth silicone which feels almost like velvet and will glide effortlessly over the skin. To change the Siri into sound activation mode you simply press and hold the up and down button simultaneously for three seconds. That’s what makes this setting great to improve couples communication and kink. The vibrator rewards a couple with noise, and if you’re not wanting to use the vibrator with music, use it with your lovers voice to get some creative fun and laughter out of it. It actually responds quite well to noise, and in no time the both of you will be having some delightfully playful fun together as you moan, dirty talk, and say cute things to one another in an attempt to getting the Siri 2 to respond.

Completing the set of the Intent Gift set for her is Lelo’s paraben and Glycerin free water-based lubricant. The perfect, and final accessory to use with the toy luxurious toys that are included. For the epitome of class and pleasure, choose Lelo.

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Lelo Intent Gift Set For Her

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Lelo’s Intent Gift set for her, is intent on providing fun and pleasure in whatever way that it can. Complete with Lelo’s Rabbit Ina 2 vibrator and the voice/sound activated Siri 2 there’s bound to be plenty of fun and erotic pleasure when you get your naughty little hands on this delightfully sensuous pleasure kit…