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Nalone Mini Waterproof Sex Toy | Nalone Mini Discreet Vibrator

Nalone Mini Vibrator is Your Perfect Travel Companion.  Spending time alone can prove to be a boring and distasteful experience. Without a partner, your urge for sexual desire may place you in an uncomfortable position. Your secret little self-pleasure sessions will not result into a boring routine anymore. Nalone Mini Vibrator is the perfect little companion to add a twist to your clitoris stimulation session.

The easy to carry pendant type vibrator from Nalone is compact in size so it is easy to hide anywhere. Given for its small size, it is astonishing to feel it operating on you to provide complete satisfaction. It comes with many amazing features apart from the powerful vibration. Let us have a detailed look into the key features of this small pocket-size rocket in this review made possible by the luxury toy sexperts.

Compact Size-

The perfect small size of this amazing powerful vibrator makes it incredibly easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can keep it with you in your purse or can just tuck it inside the jeans pocket. Just measuring 3.5 cm in length and with a 5.5 cm circumference, the Nalone Mini Vibrator becomes your perfect travel companion. It comes in an attractive metal casing to keep it safe.

Nalo Mini Clitoral Stimulators


The Miniature Travel companion bullet vibrator from Nalone comes with a waterproof design. This means that you can reach the extreme heights of pleasure without worrying about the vibrator getting wet. This gives you long sessions of self-pleasure with the clitoris and vulva simulation.

Powerful Motor- 

No matter the size of the vibrator, the Nalone Mini Vibrator comes with a powerful motor to give you heavenly pleasures. Considering the dimensions of this small bullet massager, it is absolutely amazing that how much power it can stimulate with its durable motor. This enables the vibrator to run at a single powerful vibration speed for lasting fun.


The problem with the powerful motors is that they make too much noise while stimulating your private parts. This amazing miniature travel companion saves you from any embarrassment while quietly working your private parts to give you extreme pleasure. This ensures that your secret self-pleasure sessions remains a secret.

Use It As A Pendant- 

There is a small loophole in the base of this vibrator. This added feature helps you to use this compact vibrator as a pendant. Slip in a pendant string through the loophole and carry this small bullet type vibrator wherever you go.


 Like all other Nalone products, this miniature travel companion vibrator comes with a 1 year warranty. The warranty card is present inside the package only. This gives you protection against any manufacturing defects as well.

It is absolutely amazing to see these many features in a single compact size vibrator. The fact that it is easy to carry with you makes sure that you never have to miss out on fun while traveling. The Nalone Mini Vibrator is a stimulating device that can be used in any of the clitoris, vulva or nipple region. With a single mode, it is not at all complex to use and can give you unhindered playful sessions.

A Great Little Travel Companion.

This micro massager has been developed with a powerful motor to provide an incredible amount stimulation from such a small package. Designed for external stimulation of the Clitorus, vulva & nipples.

Nalone Mini Bullet Vibrator

Key Features Of Mini Bullet

  • Miniature Travel Companion bullet vibrator
  • Loop hole in base to thread pendant string through
  • Whisper-quiet
  • 1 powerful vibration speed
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1 year warranty card included
  • Length: 3.5cm (1.5 inches)
  • Circumference: 5.5cm (1.75 inches)

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Nalone Mini Bullet Clitoral Vibrator

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Keep your pleasure a sexy secret with the Nalone bullet vibrator. Seriously powerful vibrations are contained in this tiny 3.5cm (1.5 inch) metal vibrator – a simple twist of its top unleashes them through its 100% waterproof casing. Petite, super-quiet and super-powerful, this discreet sex toy can also be worn as a pendant for impromptu pleasure and play…