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Lelo Luna Beads Noir

Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength In Women

Fifty Shades of Grey swept across the world like a whirlwind, and sales of toys relating to the series skyrocketed to the point where stores shelves were empty and manufacturers could barely keep up with demand. Lelo, entered the Fifty Shades market with their Luna Beads Noir. Dark and sensuous, these beads are the epitome of the Fifty Shades franchise. The brand Lelo has been synonymous with luxury, style, sleekness and elegance, and you might not think that this can be transcribed to something as simple as pelvic floor exercisers, but you would be very wrong.

Lelo’s Noir beads create a feeling upon seeing them, their sleek black and mysterious design takes on an element of dignity and prestige and they’re a worldly step away from the pastel hues of their previous Luna beads. The Noir scream elegance – however as you know looks aren’t everything so let’s explore their effectiveness.

The Noir beads, like their predecessors have an interchangeable bead and body safe design. They incorporate the distinctive jiggle that sets Luna beads apart from other brands. The Luna Noir beads follow the basic principles of previous Luna beads, with the exception that the Noir beads seem to focus on a much more intense style work out.

The Noir comes with two beads and a silicone holder, and each bead comes in at 37 grams, bringing the combine weight of this product to 74 grams which is on par to the Luna Beads mini, where the Noir differs though is in the sizing. Because the Noir beads are both heavier and smaller, they are considered to be a much more intense workout than previous beads and are therefore recommended for intermediate and advanced users of Kegel balls. It takes much more effort for the body to hold in smaller and heavier balls than it does for larger and lighter balls that are in the previous Luna beads. The beads can be used one at a time, or they can be attached to their silicone holder and used as a pair, whilst they do not have as many options as previous – they should be considered a more intense and strenuous work out. One of the Noir beads will have attached the Nylon cord, which is a body safe cord that has been added for easy retrieval.


Benefits of Kegel exercises.

Now if that isn’t enough, there are health benefits to wearing these beads as well. They can help build up the muscles in a woman’s pelvic floor and aid in bladder control, pre and post-natal care and can help prepare her for the most intense orgasms during sex she has ever had. The Noir set comes with two Luna Beads, they can be inserted either one at a time or placed in the silicone holder and a convenient leather pouch to keep them in.

The Luna Noir beads are incredibly easy to insert, with just a touch of lubricant and they pop right in – however, if you’re specifically looking for the stimulation of the jiggle then these beads might not be the best option for you. You might need to work quite hard in order to be able to feel the free roaming balls jiggling around inside of you. This might not be a problem for some, as it really does help you focus on actively completing your workout to the best of your ability. If you’re looking for something to increase your arousal over the course of the day, you might be better suited to the original Luna beads. It is important to note that Kegel balls are not for vaginal stretching, if you’re looking for muscle stretching then you might want to consider using a larger toy or inflatable dildo. The Kegel balls are for the specific purpose of tightening and toning the pelvic floor muscles.

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