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Lelo Iris

Lelo Iris Ribbed For Pleasure

The Lelo Iris reigns as Lelo’s biggest vibrator. Measuring in at 9 inches long and coming in at 4 and a half inches thick – it is often touted as the supreme powerhouse of Lelo. Like all of Lelo’s vibrators it is made of a completely body safe FDA approved material, silicone. It is a sleek silicone which once you have applied quality lubricant to it, glides very easily across the skin and for divine internal pleasures.

The Lelo Iris is so named as it has been inspired by the shape of a flower. The texture of the shaft has been subtly textured to resemble that of a tulip. This texture will increase stimulation when being inserted, or being moved in and out of the vagina during thrusting. Like all lelo products, the controls have been placed onto the handle – which can be cumbersome for some people as they might find that they accidently press the wrong button during use which can be a bit bothersome.

Like the Elise, the Iris comes with two motors – one of which is situated in the tip of the toy, and the second being at the base. This allows the Lelo iris to simultaneously provide g-spot and labia stimulation, a feat that’s not often achieved within other vibrators. All Lelo toys have a dial like interface which can be easily used to adjust the intensity of the vibrations and the pattern setting to which ever one you prefer. It has five different settings designed for pleasure and these are:

  • Mode 1 is a continual vibration on the tip of the stem
  • Mode 2 is a continual vibration but using both of the Iris’s motors.
  • Mode 3 is short pulses à la thrusting cock.
  • Mode 4 is a strong extended pulsation
  • Mode 5 is a continuous vibration, which will give you a lovely orgasm.

The Iris is designed with ridges that trigger the nerve endings along her vaginal walls to tingle for long after the Iris has been safely stowed away. With the five different stimulation modes, it’s her choice to go for a gentle hum or the more intense hyper-speed throb. And since Iris is rechargeable, there’s no frantic search for batteries every time she’s in the mood.

What Comes With The Lelo Iris?

The Iris comes with a few features that have been placed in the beautifully designed box as well.  These Include

  • The Lelo Iris Vibrator
  • Charging Lead
  • 10 Year LELO Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Sachet of LELO Personal Moisturising Lube
  • Black Satin Drawstring Storage Bag

Like the Elise, the Iris has a silver band separating the insertable shaft from the control unit which gives it a stylishly sleek finish. Just remember to pay attention to this band during cleaning, as bacteria and bodily fluid may have a tendency to build up between the ring and the silicone.

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It’s the subtle things that can make all the difference in the world. When a woman is looking for a vibrator there are a few of these subtle things that can mean the difference between a pleasant smile afterward and an exhausting toe-curling orgasm that will leave her panting for more. Of course, every woman wants penetration and power and there are a lot of different vibrators that can do that. With the Iris vibrator one little difference can send her into screaming in ecstasy. That difference is in the ridges.