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Lelo Alone Together Gift Set

Premium Couples Adult Gift Set

Lelo has done it again. They have brought out this delicious Alone Together Gift Box specifically for cheeky couples. This Alone Together set is the perfect accompaniment to a sensual evening in, and a romantic night together. This isn’t just a nice Valentine’s Day treat, but can be a surprising gift for an anniversary, a birthday, to get out of the bad books or simply to spice things up and show your partner just how much they mean to you. This is the gift pack for couples that will keep on giving long after the night has ended.

Lelo Alone Togethr Gift Set

The Lelo Alone Together Gift Box comes with two of Lelo’s most couple orientated products, the Lelo Noa and the Tor 2, both of which are specifically geared for couples. The Tor 2 is a vibrating cock ring that the male would wear, and the Noa is a couple’s vibrator worn during sexual activity. Both of these sensual Lelo products are designed to provide stimulation for each couple during any form of sexual activity – though they’re not really designed to be used together for penetrative sex, however they could be used at the same time during foreplay.


Review On The Lelo Noa

The Lelo Noa is one of their premium couples vibrator and it is designed to be worn during sex to provide stimulation to both partners during penetrative activity. The larger, egg like end will sit itself on the clitoris, with the flexible arm going inside the vagina to provide an erotic sensation to the g-spot. The male would then enter in, with the flexible arm providing vibrations to the shaft and thus providing pleasure to both partners. The Noa, unlike the Tiani, does not have a remote control to it, which can be a little cumbersome if you’re trying to change settings during sexual activity. However, if you already have a Lelo SenseMotion remote control, then you will easily be able to pair the two together to give yourself Remote control vibrations. You will need to press down onto the button which in turn will place pressure on the clitoris, aside from this small limitation, the Noa performs exceptionally well especially for people that aren’t a fan of strong vibrations.

The Noa has been designed as a supplementary adult toy to sexual activity, for this reason it doesn’t require mind blowing vibrations because if it did it would probably take over the act of sex. It complements the activity, rather than simply overpowering. The internal arm of the Noa doesn’t have its own vibrator, instead relying on the clitoral vibrator for its power. This means that the vibrations are a pleasant reminder of what’s going on as opposed to something overpowering that might over stimulate you and end the activity in a matter of moments. The silicone arm is extremely flexible, and the soft velvet medical grade silicone will glide over the shaft of the penis once lubricant has been applied and due to the thinness of the arm, you’re most likely not even going to feel the difference aside from the inclusion of vibrations and pleasurable sensations. The Noa is rechargeable, waterproof and is compatible with any of your SenseMotion remote controls if you have one, noting that the Noa does not come with a remote.


Review on the Lelo Tor 2

The Tor 2 also comes in the Alone Together gift pack, and this one whilst providing couple’s pleasure is more focused on the male partner. The sophisticated and luxurious gentlemen’s ring is designed to enhance sexual stimulation in several ways. Firstly, as a gentlemen’s ring, it will enhance the strength of erections and assist in the delaying of ejaculation. The tightness of the ring when sitting on the shaft will help him control his orgasms and lead to longer sexual activity, more intense orgasms and ultimately intense pleasure sessions.

The ring is designed to be worn on the shaft and it can be easily manipulated depending on the type of pleasure that you both are seeking and the sexual position that you’re using it in. For enhanced clitoral stimulation during missionary style, you would be better off leaving the vibrating part of the ring at the top of the shaft facing upwards. For other positions where you’re coming in from behind, such as during doggy style or similar, you will find that you will both have better sensations with the vibrator on the ring pointing downwards and vibrating against the testicles. This would also be ideal for maintaining the most sensation against the clitoris during sexual activity in this position.

The Tor 2 is a rechargeable male ring with 6 different vibration settings that will please most people. It is quite powerful for a ring in comparison to other rings and so long as you’re using water based lubricant on it, you will find that it is far more durable as well.

Lelo’s Alone together Luxury kit is the perfect gift pack for couples wishing to explore enhanced sexual activity with toys that complement passionate sex. It is an ideal way to bring intense and passionate pleasure to each other without getting in the way, or being overly intrusive. Remember, Lelo’s motto is to complement the art of sex, and this is one pack that couples should not overlook.

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Alone Together Gift Set By Lelo

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The Lelo Alone Together Kit is the sensual kit for couples. Containing two premium couples toys from Lelo this is the kit for endless nights of passion, foreplay and sensual romance. Each luxury pleasure toy focuses on one of the partners so you can easily switch it up depending on your mood, and who has been the naughty one…