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The Lelo Pino Vibrator – There are a lot of couple’s rings in the market but the Lelo Pino couples ring is set to revolutionize this market. It comes in a simple yet very classy box which contains a pair of silver cuff links, the ring, USB charger and an embossed money clip with the words ‘Always Be Closing It’. A lot of reviewers have commented on the cheesy advertising campaign that was done with the Lelo Pino, to be honest I didn’t see the campaign but upon reading about it was clear that this wasn’t Lelo’s usual way of doing things. Maybe they decided to be a bit edgy and cocky with the Pino, or maybe there was some unforeseen joke that we didn’t quite realise or recognise. Either or, you shouldn’t let the advertising campaign influence how you view this product. The marketing campaign aside, I feel that the Pino is actually quite a decent couples ring, though there are some design flaws with it that I’ll get into through this review.

The ring is made in a rather unique way that is not common in most couple’s rings. When you first look at it you might feel that it is shaped a little bit like a clog, especially when it’s sitting on its side. It can be controlled with two buttons on the side for either increasing or decreasing the vibration and a port for the charger. It is powered by two rechargeable batteries that can run up to two hours on full charge and equally take two hours to be fully charged. The ring is made of soft, safe and smooth silicone material that is FDA approved. It weighs about 60grams and is 5cm wide and 7.5cm long. The Lelo Pino is firm so as to hold on to the shaft adequately but also stretchy to accommodate different sizes and for comfort; it is easy to clean by using only soap and water and comes with a satin pouch for storage so that it may not be damaged. The Pino is a cock ring that is designed to sit on the shaft, and it is not made to sit behind the balls like other cock rings. Maybe this has something to do with the adjustability that you can do with on the fly, switching the vibration part to the top or bottom of the shaft depending on the position. Ideally, if you’re working in the missionary position when the top of the shaft is closest to the clitoris, then that’s where you want the vibrations to be. If you’re coming in from behind, for example in the doggy style position, then you would most certainly want the vibrations to be on the underside of the shaft to provide the most stimulation.

The Lelo Pino is designed to satisfy any kind of demand for pleasure as it caters for the needs of both the man and the woman. It is easy to use since it comes with a detailed user manual but on is not restricted to these; they just act as a guideline. One of the most desirable features of the Lelo Pino is that it allows you to explore ten different vibration patterns with your partner which is made possible by the buttons earlier mentioned. It is designed in such a manner that it offers maximum pleasure for the couple while in different positions.

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It is also 100% waterproof so there is no need to worry if it is used under wet conditions such as the shower or a tub. It is one of the very few couple’s rings that give ten different stimulation patterns such as rigorous vibrations to smooth and relaxed pulsating ones. Its firm silicone material is hypoallergenic and ensures you quality service no matter how long you use it; this is because it comes with a ten year Lelo quality guarantee and a one year warranty.

Another prized feature is its almost completely silent nature; it guarantees that even on the most powerful vibration, the ring won’t produce a lot of noise something that most couples desire. The firm nature of the ring has very exciting benefits for the man since it grips firmly on the shaft, it makes it nearly impossible for him to release which means; greater pleasure and he is able to last longer.

The Lelo Pino vibrator is a great device that could completely change the love life of many couples thus making it the ideal gift for your man. Whether it’s his birthday or the holidays it will be most appreciated and of course not forgetting the anniversary so as to give rise to a more exciting and revolutionized romance for the both of you.

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Packaged in their most premium presentation box to date, the fully rechargeable LELO PINO™ features 10 powerful vibration modes. There’s also a pair of silver cufflinks and an embossed money clip, making the PINO an ideal Christmas gift. Explore the ten different vibration patterns with your partner, and experiment with new positions by wearing the motor either on top or beneath the shaft.