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Choose your favorite speed and use the touch responsive panel to create customized patterns. Simply press and hold the ‘T’ button during any mode to switch from the standard controls to the touch setting. Caress your clitoris with the smooth silicone body and tip and control the vibration pattern by tapping or holding the metallic control panel. Press the ‘+’ button to revert to the pre-set patterns.

Nalone Curve Vibrator – Nalone has designed a curved silicone massager for giving pleasure to ladies and helping them in the endeavour to achieve orgasms. The product is 12.5 centimetres long, though only 5 centimetre of it enters the vagina. If you’re wondering if this is enough, then you need to remember that the g-spot is only just inside the vaginal entrance and that in order to stimulate it you’re not going to need something with length. The curve on a g-spot vibrator is always far more important than the length. The maximum diameter of this vibrator is 10 centimetres which comes in at 4 inches. The vibrator comes with a smooth rounded tip for caressing the clitoris. This shape of the vibrator also ensures that it moves according to the lady’s body contours. In fact, the shape and material are chosen to ensure that the vibrator does not feel like an inanimate object. Silicone is well known for its heat retaining properties and once warmed up, the vibrator will take on a life of its own in the quest for pleasure and arousal. Nalone Curve Vibrator can also be easily held within the palm.


The Features Of The Nalone Curve Massager

Nalone Curve designers of this product have taken considerable care in selecting the shape, material, and size of this product. Apart from these three attributes, this curved vibrator from Nalone comes with.

  • A centrally raised LED panel with buttons that can be pressed easily for controlling vibrations and increasing intensity as needed. This oval shaped touch pad is easily identifiable because it is surrounded by steel colored ABS plastic. The buttons are raised and easy to manipulate even with lubricated fingers.
  • 7 types of vibrations. Choices include low, high, medium, pulse, oscillation and other combinations of dot and dash vibrations.
  • The “T” button on the LED panel is for controlling the intensity of those vibrations. This is in fact the touch sensitive control and the vibrator takes charge of increasing intensity according to touch. Therefore, if the vibrator is not on the body, it switches off, and when it returns on the body, it switches on and regains the desired vibrations and intensity;
  • Silicone body that is smooth and without seams making it seem like real skin in the hand. Internal rigidity. This sex toy has internal rigidity because of an ABS core.
  • Almost sound proof mechanism. The maximum sound from this device would be about 50 decibels.
  • A shape that does not feel ergonomically inconvenient for holding or using;
  • Recharging is with DC and can be used with USB Ports. Therefore, any USB cable can be used to connect it to USB adapter for charging it.
  • A pouch that is closed with drawstring. This storage bag is easy to carry around, even in hand bags.

Nalone Curve Adult Massager

Using Nalone Curve Massager

The curve is waterproof for fun in the tub but it is recommended that you use water based lubricant to enhance your play. Silicone lubricant might mess with the material and cause issues in the melting of the silicone, or to cause the silicone to lose its velvet feel and become sticky.  It requires charging of almost 3 hours that will allow you to use it for three hours.  Its waterproof design means that it can be cleaned quite easily and without fuss.

It is necessary to know how to start using this sex toy. The switch for starting, i.e., the on and off button is in the center of touch pad. It needs to be pressed continuously for three seconds for the vibrator to be on. The plus sign above it is for starting the vibrations and selecting one of the modes. The touch sensitive mode or the “T” mode is below the on and off button on this curved touch pad of the vibrator. Here too, the button needs to be pressed for at least one second to start the mode. By touching the metallic part of the keypad up or down the vibrations and intensity can be selected. Removing the hand from this touch pad stops the vibrations. This means that you can create almost infinite patterns and vibrations with simply the touch of your fingers.

The powerful motor and smooth silicone outer body perfectly align to stimulate.   The incredible touch sensitive feature gives you the control over the intensity of the vibrations.

Always use with plenty of water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure.

It’s a fairly small handheld palm massager measuring in at a length of 5 inches, with an insertable length of 2 inches. It is just shy of being four inches round meaning that it can be gripped quite easily within the palm of the hand.

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The Nalone curve is an ergonomically designed vibrator that has been created to work with the contours of your body. It’s shape will allow it to sit snugly in the palm of your hand, this silicone vibrator gives you complete control over stimulation. Boasting touch responsive technology and 7 vibration modes for powerful orgasm after orgasm.