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Mona 2 G-Spot Stimulation

When it comes to female vibrators, there’s g-spot toys, and then there’s G-Spot pleasure objects and Lelo has certainly shot this one right out of the park. It’s a product that screams out luxury and designer and it’s going to be one that helps make you scream out loud as well.

A lot of people complain that whilst Lelo products are amazing whilst they are quiet, stylish and sleek that they just wish they had a little more power. Mona 2 delivers that power. When it’s first turned on it will provide a very deep and rumbling sensation that is actually quite surprising considering some of Lelo’s other toys and you’re left thinking why they didn’t include this motor in the others. But, in saying that, I feel that Lelo designers actually think about what they’re putting into their product, they take into consideration where it’s being used and they create a design for that. Shape plays a large part in a vibrators power, and this curvaceous beauty is seemingly designed to enhance the vibrations. Once it’s inserted there’s no denying the fact that this has been designed to hit the spots.

It’s deceptive. When you first hold the Lelo Mona 2 you might feel that it is a little on the smaller side, but you will be mistaken. The tip is tapered for easy insertion, there’s a slight bulbous part of the shaft before gently caressing back down to a thinner baser. It’s designed like this to provide a fulfilling, yet not overpowering, sensation. Once it was in, it feels like it was designed to be there, that its sole purpose was to sit there and rumble gently until climax, it is a design which feels complete. Yes, the shape might not be for everyone, they created the Mona wave for that one, but it’s certainly an improvement on the lifeless generic vibrators that make you think that designers feel that all vaginas are the same when they’re not.

The Mona 2 is designed as a g-spot toy, but there’s more to it than that. If you’re in a pinch you could use it on the male body as well, meaning that the Mona 2 can be utilised s both a women’s toy and a quality male sex toy. Whereas traditional vibrators will have you contorting into interesting angles and positions in order to get into the right spot. The sensual curve on the Mona 2 will eliminate that, if you’re using it for clitoral stimulation you’ll find that the curve will expertly fit along your clitoris and down your labia as well. Yes, the vibrations won’t be as precise but you’ll be getting an intense all round buzz, alternatively you can also use the vibrator to provide pin point accuracy and simply use the tip for clitoral and external stimulation as a body massager.


Intense Vibrations And Deep Stimulation – Mona 2

With that in mind the Mona 2 has a total of six different vibration patterns which each have 10 different levels of intensity. Intensity and speed can be adjusted through pressing the plus and minus button (left and right buttons) and the vibration pattern can be adjusted through the up and down button. In terms of defining the sense of power you’ll find that the lowest setting of the Mona 2 is a barely there rumble and on high it’s equal to a we-vibe tango on the middle setting, which for some people is too strong.

For that deep penetration you want without surrendering the power of an intense buzz inside you, the Mona 2 is the toy for you. LELO’s is so sure that you will be pleased with Mona 2’s performance that they give you a ten year quality guarantee. And as a LELO product, the Mona 2 arrives in a gift box that shows the gift giver cares. Mona 2 comes in three colors: purple, cerise and red.

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Lelo Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator

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Easy use handle makes this G-spot vibrator from LELO’s a hit. The six different modes of vibration are easily controlled with one finger. The tapered tip of Mona 2’s head allows for easy insertion with a firm but pliable silicone covering. This same silicone is LELO’s patented body safe silicone that is 100% safe for insertion into the body. If nothing else impresses you about the Mona 2, it should be the sheer size of the toy.