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So far, LELO has built its reputation by the most reliable provider of intimate pleasure objects. The same thing applies to its moisturizer. Available in 75ml and 150ml size, this product is the safest lubricant that will not cause any side effect. It will be terrible when users suffer from unexpected things like irritation, allergy or other skin disorder after applying low quality moisturizer. Lelo Moisturizer is a water-based lubricant, which guarantees zero side effect for all users, thanks to its special formula.

Lelo Moisturizer has many great feature that not many people are aware of.  Lelo Water-Based Moisturizer shows that the ultimate pleasure of lovemaking does not merely depend on sex toys or other objects. But, they can help, either men or women, to reach their total satisfaction. Those objects are not dangerous, nor deliver any side effect, as long as they are made of high quality materials. Reputable brands like Lelo never want to compromise on this matter. Lelo will deliver the best quality of materials for their sex toys or objects, so users will enjoy the best sex experience with their beloved spouses. This is the major driving factor behind LELO. As the leading manufacturer of sex-related items, it pays attention to quality above everything. This is why, all of LELO products always meet the highest standards that all its loyal users need. Among one of the best sex tool products is Lelo  Moisturizer.

This moisturizer is recommended to be used during or after sexual intercourse or sex toys use. It can help increase the lubrication of a woman’s intimate area, especially for older women. Both the man and the woman can feel comfortable and free of any risk of skin disorder. Its long-lasting effect—even after sexual play — it is what every user loves about this moisturizer. Some women feel uncomfortable after a lovemaking session, due to medical or psychological reasons.

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This moisturizer helps more than just increasing the level of pleasure on every user’s sexual activities. Lelo Moisturizer is rich of vitamin E from the natural extract of aloe Vera, in which it can be applied regularly on women’s intimate areas to ensure their softness. It contains noparaben, glycerine and fragrance, so it is totally safe, even for the most fragile parts of the body. It is a formula that has been specially designed with Lelo’s attention to detail in mind which is what makes them such a luxurious and innovative company. Their lubricant is one of the best on the market, and provides long lasting lubrication as well as ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.


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Lelo Moisturizer is especially designed with mostly natural ingredients, so it will not leave any stain, nor greasy feeling after usage. There will be no unnecessary irritation or allergies that will happen. It can be used with common sex toys or on your lover because this product is basically multipurpose.

There are always chances to find fake products, especially the ones that imitate the best-selling and quality products like Lelo. The same thing applies to Lelo Moisturizer. There are so many online stores that sell fake products of Lelo so beware when you do not buy from a reputable online store.

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LELO’s Personal Moisturizer is specially formulated to serve a dual purpose – for enhancing the enjoyment and comfort of sensual activities, or for application as a moisturizer to your intimate areas. Glycerine free, paraben free, and fragrance free, the unique water-based formula is also fortified with Aloe Vera, making it an ideal addition to all of your intimate moments and each of your personal needs. Safe for enjoying with all Pleasure Objects, LELO’s Personal Moisturizer is also non-greasy and non-staining, ensuring nothing comes between you and your most intimate desires.