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Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold

Silk Lelo Intima Blindfold | Silk Blindfold Lelo Intima

LELO Intimate Silk Blindfolds are the ultimate addition in any kind of bondage play. Whether a couple has been out for a romantic dinner or just in their candlelit bedroom, they need this fine apparel for an intimate play. The user of the blindfold doesn’t see where the next touch will happen. This creates satisfying pleasure and absolute comfort to the couple.

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The intimate mask improves confidence. If one partner is not confidence enough to give the best touch when being looked by the other partner, this blindfold can help. It completely covers the eyes and is thick enough to block light and vision. This means that it is beneficial to both partners. The blindfold is ideal for new and experienced couples.

Featuring long silk ribbons or ties and fully adjustable band, the LELO blindfold fits firmly on the head. The ribbons are 5 cm wide which means they provide a gentle fit. The ties secure the head behind to provide a tight yet smooth anchor. They are long enough to hold the hands to the head. Most users prefer to tie the hands into a sexy bow. The knot at the back of the head feels comfortable on any surface. The band is 7.5 cm long and is made of super elastic material. It can stretch to about 18 cm to comfortably fit any size of the head. This is one of the reasons why the blindfold offers absolute comfort.

Lelo Intimate Blindfold

The 80 cm-long blindfold is extremely functional. And this is true given the well-fitting and ergonomic parts described above. In addition to these parts, the blindfold has a nose piece that allows the user to breath normally. The nose piece is about 5.5 cm long and 4 cm wide. Any size of a nose can comfortably fit in this piece. The intimate blindfold is made more functional by its material. The material is 100% pure silk. Some LELO jacquard or padding is added to this soft and flexible material to improve elasticity and gentleness.


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The sexy blindfold is designed to heighten sexual experience. The user becomes very sensitive to sound, imagination and touch. The bedroom accessory is a great product for discovering new erogenous zones. It allows the non-blindfolded partner to experiment with caressing, stroking and licking. The unmasked partner gets to tease the other partner freely until he or she comes to climax. This is followed by a beautiful bondage. Couples who have boring sex life should try this intimate gear. It works miracles! It can rekindle the love and romance in any intimate relationship.

The LELO Intimate Silk Blindfold is of high quality and luxurious. No doubt about this because LELO is well known to manufacture high quality products. The intimate apparel is absolutely gorgeous and has a flattering elegance. It is sturdy and durable. And unlike other blindfolds that are loose and interferes with hair, this LELO product stays put on the head without straining hair. The blindfold is made to add a bit of kink and spice up things in the bedroom. It is a must-have intimate gear in the bedroom or in any other place where romance thrives.

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The perfect prelude to a more satisfying release, LELO’s Intima Silk Blindfold allows couples to indulge in the pleasures of mystery, in any situation they choose. Heighten the senses and delight in the pleasures that mystery will bring. This stylish adjustable blindfold offers unlimited potential for enjoying the most intimate bedroom play. The Intima Silk Blindfold is fully adjustable with long silk ties to keep it gently secured.