Couples Pleasure During Sex

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator is made out of extremely soft and flexible silicone material which is 100% safe and comfortable to use. The vibrator sits against the clitoris and the vagina during sex. It delivers intense pleasure for you and your partner to enjoy.  It has a plastic band that is gold in color with brand name stamped at the point where the top unscrews from the tail. The screw part found on the inside of the vibrator is a solid white plastic with a hole at the middle where the charger wire is attached.

The small size means it is easy to pack away discretely. The NOA is easy to keep clean and to take with you on those overnight trips. What could possibly make the NOA any better? How about the fact that it is completely waterproof to make your bath time even more special than it is now. The NOA comes in three colors: black, cerise and deep rose.

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator is waterproof. This makes cleaning of the vibrator super easy. You can use a spray sex toy cleaner to make sure that the vibrator is sparkling clean and ready to use. Cleaning prevents vaginal infection and the transmission of STI’s and other bacterial infections.  The Noa can be used with water based lubricants but not silicone lubricants as it may cause chemical reactions that may be harmful to the body of the toy. Liquid silicone and solid silicone do not usually mix well and it would be an absolute shame to damage the material on your new Lelo for not using the correct lubricant. It is very important to use lubricant to reduce friction that may cause the toy to dislodge and finally come out of the vagina while making love. If you, or your partner produces enough natural lubrication then there may not be a need to extra lubrication, however it is important to apply lubricant to the base of the arm that is inserted and which will make contact with the male partner during the act of love making. This will ensure that the shaft of the penis glides smoothly with the toy and doesn’t cause any friction which may cause injury.

The Noa is shaped to allow the penis to slide in and out in a very comfortable way. Note, always insert the Noa before sex to prevent any pain or discomfort. In this fashion it can also be used as a foreplay device.


Vibration Modes In Lelo Vibrators

If you want to turn the Noa on, press the power button twice on the top of the vibrator. Light will flash and it will turn on with a constant vibration. The toy doesn’t keep information about the last settings and it will always start with a constant vibration but it has other settings;

  • Low high pulse
  • Longer roller-coaster
  • Fast pulse
  • Pulse
  • Constant vibration Deep
  • Constant vibration High

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator

The light on the Noa flashes slowly when it is on and fast when the battery is running out. If you want to turn off the toy you need to long press the power button for around 5 seconds. It is advised that you take the toy out of the vagina before turning it off to avoid discomfort. It is also lockable to prevent the toy from accidentally turning on while traveling or when being stored. The Noa is designed with single speed but patterned vibrations with medium intensity. It is also compatible with the sense motion remote control but is purchased separately although if you have one from another Lelo product you can link it. LeloNoa Couples Vibrator is almost silent; it will certainly not distract either of you while making love.

The vibrator comes with a USB cable for charging. If you charge for 2 hours, it can go up to 2 hours of play. So you won’t need to worry about scrambling for battery at the last minute. Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator comes with a drawstring satin storage bag and 1 year warranty included.

The vibrator is loved by many because of the following key features; 100% waterproof for aquatic fun, easy to use and clean, more titillating vibrations functions each with different adjustable power level, rechargeable so you will never have to worry looking for battery and it is very luxurious with shared stimulation during lovemaking.

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Finally! It’s what the world has been waiting for and just didn’t know it. The NOA is the LELO vibrator that the woman can wear while she is making love. One vibrator, two partners getting stimulated at the same time. The NOA’s unique U/V shape clips firmly into place with the extended tail planted right on top of her G-spot. With the touch of the button the man’s cock gets stimulated as well. With six different vibration modes there is guaranteed to be one that you both enjoy.

Lelo Noa Purple Vibrator

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