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market, people are very excited and crazy about Lelo candles. There is a big demand behind this cool love candle. It’s a love candle so imagine yourself with your lover in a dark room, and you sit face to face and in the middle with a radiant flickering candle. A perfect time to say something romantic and loving to her. It’s a perfect time to expose all the intimate secrets you have for her and succumb to passion and pleasure.

Lelo Massage Candles are made of pure soy wax, apricot kernel oil and Shea butter. So, the wax of this love candle is very precious, elegant and elite. It smells really nice as well. The scented aromatic wax only melts after getting exquisitely warm. Also, there is something elegant that will show you how polished and elite this candle is! The wax can also be melt through to become luxurious massage oil. It is a silky formula that manufacturer has brought to enhance intimacy with their clients. This silky formula will moisturize and nourish your skin with its vitamin E. The whole thing is designed so that the exquisite fragrance of the wax will make you very excites and amplify your sensual pleasures. There is nothing else like it!

Lelo Massage Candles have already earned popularity amongst the most ardent critics. The only reason behind it is, it is an extraordinary and uncommon creation. Along with, its very elegant design it is the perfect accessory for sensuality, love and quality. Your love will be amplified delicately through it. Lelo Massage Candles are now available in three unique fragrances. Different people will like a different one or all three because all of them are exquisite indeed. This candle can burn up to 36 hours so it can be easily said that you can pass at least several nights in comfortable bliss with this love candle. Three seductive scents will just amaze you and your love and is perfect and suited for every mood.

Lelo Massage Candles

Lelo Massage Candles Have Three Seductive Fragrance Available. Let’s Take A Look At All Three Flavors-

Pomegranate and Black Pepper is a fruity and fresh flavor. But this one smells a little intense as well. This shows up with the pomegranate’s green scent. But the aromatic fragrance of black pepper underscores the pomegranate scent. Overall, it is awesome.

Cedarwood and Snow Pear can be compared to if ever you have had a surfing experience then you know the breeze’s feeling while surfing. And you will get the exact taste of breeze with this seductive fragrance. This is one is very light and crisp and will make mind very playful. The enticing smell of cedarwood will compel you to purchase this epic flavor.

Creme de Cacao and Vanilla is the most popular and it is because of the vanilla and creme cocoa flavor. It’s very rich, silky, smooth and creamy as well. Vanilla will give you a rich smell and cocoa will give you an intoxicating aromatic flavor.

Overall, these amazing, cool Lelo massage candles area hot cakes in the sensuality market. The overall features and aroma has hypnotized each and every one that has tried them.


How To Use The Sensual Massage Candle

Simply the light the candle up and let the candle burn for a number of minutes. As the candle burns there will be a pool of oil that forms underneath the wick. This oil can be poured onto the body as is, check the temperature first and if it’s a little hot, just raise the candle from the body so that the oil has a chance to cool before it hits the body. Remembering the candle will burn at a lower temperature to normal candles because of the materials used in it.

Once the oil is on the body, massage it into the skin using soft, firm hands in a rotating fashion, or whichever massage technique that you want to use for a sensual and romantic experience.

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Made from all natural soy wax, Shea butter and apricot kernel oil, the lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of luxurious massage oil. The silky formula is specially designed to nourish and moisturize your skin with natural vitamin E, while the subtle fragrance excites your senses for the pleasures that lie ahead. With a burn-time of up to 36 hours and three seductive scents to choose from, there is sure to be a Flickering Touch Massage Candle to suit your every mood.